Community Updates

There are going to be 4 new LED streetlights installed in the coming weeks. There will be at the following locations:

– The community entrance
– Phase I of Elementary View Drive
– Pond Valley Court
– The intersection of Barefoot Forest Dr and Pond Valley Court

Be sure to save the date of December 14th for the Hucks Landing Holiday Gathering! The Hucks Landing Village Group has arranged for the Polar Express train to make stops within the community to pick up children and their parents and ride through the community the view the holiday decorations and drop off residents at Croft Community School for an evening of crafts, fun and food!

The following items have also been signed off on by the board and will be occurring over the next month.

– The removal of around 30 trees on Barefoot Forest and in the pond area. This is going to occur during the timeframe of Monday November 18th through Thursday November 21st from the times of 8 AM to 6 PM. We ask that residents drive cautiously at that time as there will be trucks, trailers and equipment coming in and going out during that time.

– We are in the process of reviewing fees that were charged to accounts improperly as well as well as how to resolve those matters. To that end, the board has stopped the addition of late fees and interest temporarily. Please be patient as we are in the process of reviewing all 170 accounts and determining what adjustments need to be made.

– We are also reviewing how violations are documented and the best wat to ensure the CCRs are enforced equally and fairly. Due to this review, we are not moving forward with any of the changes recommended by the CCR Review Committee. We will look to revisit the CCR topic in 2020.

– Finally, we have authorized development of a new Hucks Landing website that will be outside of any management company control. We are currently reviewing several different options that may also include a mobile app to keep residents updated on the go.

Prior Announcements